Cloud Based Fitness Club Management Software

Cloud Based Fitness Club Management Software

 The iGo 360 cloud based fitness club management software allows you to manage your facility wherever you have an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smart phone.  Cloud-based access is great, but what’s even better is the great features you now have available because of the cloud, including:

  • Membership management. At your fingertips. Everything imaginable about your members is available, including contract terms, attendance history, personal training history, class history, payment history, results tracking and reports and email reminders (for you and your members).
  • Online Booking management – Create and manage member and prospect appointments, personal training, classes, courses, tanning room, court or other training room reservations and more. Class management tools allow you to cap class sizes, view/print class attendance lists and send reminders to attendees.  All this is manageable online from anywhere you have internet access!  And your members can too! Through the Member Portal, your members can simply sign up and schedule whatever they want, and pay for it online!
  • Billing system. Once you set up a member contract, all billing happens automatically on the scheduled payment date. You can set member payment dates any day during the month or schedule it on a specific date each month if you want to run all billing the same day.  What happens when a payment fails?  No worries! The iGo 360 cloud based fitness club management software automatically emails a member when a payment fails instructing them to either call the club to update their payment method, or directing them to the Member Portal to update their payment method online.  Best of all, members are locked out if their payment fails; no free workouts!
  • Point of Sale System. Want to supplement your revenue with more product sales?  No worries!  With the iGo 360 fitness club management software, you can sell your members whatever they want and bill it directly to their account on file.  No need to remember their wallet to buy stuff.  Better still, you can track your inventory, so if something is running low, you get a reminder to re-order.
  • Access Control in the Cloud. Access-control systems are available too.  Want to have a 24-hour access facility?  No worries!  Order the door kit and you’ll be good to go.  And just because its in the cloud does not mean door access shuts off if there is a hiccup in the internet.  The door access hub actually stores a list of members in good standing (which is constantly updated), so if the internet hiccups, your members can still access your club.  Once internet is restored, the attendance event synchronizes with the cloud to the member’s record.
  • Automatic Member Retention. Wouldn’t it be cool if your software system automatically emailed new members to welcome them to your facility, checked in again 30 days later to make sure they absolutely love your gym, surveyed them to see how you can improve, and asked for referrals? We thought so too.  That’s why the iGo 360 fitness club management software has these automated communications built in!  You can customize the communication and timing or use our templates.
  • Automatically SELL your prospects. Tired of getting a good prospect and nobody following up to close the sale? We thought so.  With iGo360, your prospects receive a schedule of emails designed to motivate them to join your gym.  And its automatic!  You do nothing except enter the prospect name and email.  Better yet, the emails are completely customizable so you can add whatever messaging logo or imaging you want!

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