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Still manually running your fitness club with pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet?  If you are, you are losing money.  Every customer that switches from manually running their facility to the iGo 360 Fitness club management software saves money.  The most common mistake we see? Failing to bill members.  iGo 360 helps eliminate missed billings and many other features streamline your operation to free up your time.  Features include:

  • Allowing you to track the attendance of your gym, fitness club and health club members
  • Automatically processing fitness club membership payments as well as POS sales
  • Tracking inventory and alerting you when its low
  • Managing employee time sheets and commissions
  • Reporting capabilities that provide tremendous visibility into your club operations.

The iGo 360® gym management software is designedto provide world-class features built on cutting edge technology, all designed with one goal in mind:  making the operation of your facility easier.

Member Data

  • The iGo 360 fitness club software is totally scalable to fit your needs.  At no extra cost.   We grow with you!
  • Track member attendance with member scan ins.  Analyze attendance patterns to optimally staff your facility.
  • Track members who have health issues such as diabetes and heart conditions and set up discrete alerts to notify your staff of the issue when the member scans in.
  • Put members on vacation or medical hold, with or without a hold fee.
  • When a member payment fails, they receive an automatic email notifying them of the issue, and they are flagged on scan in until resolved.  No free work outs!
  • Because its cloud-based, you can access your club and member data from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • iGo 360 automatically backs up your data.

Communicating with Members

The iGo 360 fitness club management software is designed to help you keep in touch with your clients.

  • Schedule completely customizable automated emails to new members to welcome them to your facility, ask for referrals or survey their experience.
  • Set up an email sequence to prospects to highlight benefits of your facility and help close the sale.
  • Want to go old school?  iGo 360 also prints labels for mailers to members or prospects.
  • Automated reminders for scheduled PT, classes or appointments.
  • Happy birthday and attendance milestone emails.
  • All this and more is fully integrated and automated to help you retain your members longer.

See for yourself how the iGo 360 fitness club management software can help you take control of your fitness club membership base.  Schedule a demo today!iGo360 FItness Club Management Software

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