Health Club Management Software

Health Club Management Software

Stop worrying about your management software and start focusing on what makes your fitness club great – your members.  With the iGo360 health club management software, operating your fitness club gets a lot easier, freeing up more of your time to focus on the things that really matter for the success of your health club.  iGo360 was built by fitness club owners for fitness club owners with one goal in mind:  make life running a fitness club easier.  Below are just some of the features designed to do just that:

Membership Sales

  • Ultimate contract flexibility: Virtually any contract terms you can imagine are handled by iGo360.
  • Automatic billing: Once you define your contract terms, iGo360 automatically bills your members while you sleep.
    • Automatic collection features: If a member a health club member payment fails, they receive a friendly reminder to contact the club with an updated payment method. Until the payment is cleared up, the member is locked out – no free workouts.
  • Able to handle payments per session such as classes, tanning, personal training and massage.
  • ONLINE member sign up: Members can easily join your club online.

Electronic contracts

  • Upload your own contracts for members to sign electronically
  • Email copy of contract to member
  • Contracts with signature saved to member record


  • Schedule personal training, classes, appointments and more easily with schedule management software.
  • Automatic reminders sent to members and employees.
  • Health club members can manage their schedule through their own member portal.

Product Sales

  • Set up and sell whatever products you want
  • Charge member’s account on file – no need for members to bring a wallet to the gym.
  • Inventory management – Alerts are sent out when the quantities running low.

Employee Management

  • Track employee hours with built in time clock and print time sheets
  • iGo360 Club Management Software automatically tracks commissions earned
  • Customize security so that employees, managers and owners have access to specific areas not open to the members. You can create unlimited profiles.
  • Employee scheduling becomes a breeze making it easy for you to staff the health club based on peak times and club attendance patterns.
  • Take advantage of the free online staff training courses


If you want it, iGo360 probably has it.  70+ reports deliver your data however you need it.  With the iGo360 gym management software you will have your finger on the pulse of the business. You will enjoy:

  • The ability to export the reports to Excel or CVS file format
  • More than 70 reports that include the following:
    • KPI – Key Performance indicators.
    • Money management report
    • Product sales report
    • List of new members month by month
    • Membership summary
    • Inventory reports
    • Member status reports
    • Staff attendance trends and reports
    • Member type reports
    • Member holds
    • Most weight loss
    • Member and employee Birthday lists
    • Tax reports

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