IHRSA 2017 in 28 Seconds- A fitness club owner’s dream

IHRSA 2017 Fitness Club Managment Sofwtare

IHRSA 2017 is this week and in high gear. If you own or operate a fitness club, this is the the ONE SHOW you should try to attend.

From the programming to the key note speakers, there’s always some great information to learn. One of the of the other great benefits is #proximity. By that, I mean that you’re surrounded by other fitness club operators from around the world. All this energy and excitement creates an environment of idea exchange that can be a game changer for a fitness club. Having attended this trade show for 15 years, we have made a lot of friends in the industry from equipment manufacturers to service providers. Our favorite fitness industry character is Dave Hardy (with MyZone – another great product to consider for your club).

Our favorite aspect of IHRSA 2017 is the trade show. Vendors of all types exhibit their wares and are there to demonstrate and answer questions. It gives a fitness club operator the chance to see all the different types of services and equipment available all in one place. If you’re a new fitness club owner about to open, there is no better place to evaluate all the equipment options you might want to consider. Of course, the world’s best fitness club management software (iGo Figure!) is here at Booth #1162. Stop by to say hi if you’re in town. We are working with Augie’s Quest to raise money to help find a cure for ALS; who knows, you might end up being interviewed! (more on that later)

If you missed IHRSA this year and want some insight to the event, give us a call; we’d be happy to share what we learned and answer any questions you may have. If you want a 28 second tour of the trade check out this video:


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