A quick and easy way to get 70 new members – A Cure for the Summer Time Blues

Getting new members at the end of the summer can be a challenge. The need for the beach body has waned and member thoughts are wandering to what to serve for Thanksgiving.

The good news is that summers don’t have to be slow. Not only was iGo Figure Software founded by a fitness club operator (Kyle Zagrodzky, who owned NINE clubs), iGo Figure Software has been helping clubs around the world for 20 years. Along the way we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes fitness clubs great, and some ideas that can help bring in new members.

One of the greatest sources for new members in your club is OLD members. That’s right. Members who joined but quit for whatever reason. They liked your club before, so it only makes sense that they might like your club again. A great way to recapture these members is to tell them that you love them and want them back. If you’re lucky enough to have their email addresses, you can shoot them an email. If not, you can export their address information from your fitness club management software and create a mailer. Or both. Something simple works the best, like: WE WANT YOU BACK!!! Include an offer to waive the signup fee or some other welcoming incentive.

new members

Getting new members does not have to be a stretch

It also helps to do something to spruce up the club a bit; a fresh coat of paint, thorough cleaning, new equipment or fundraising drive for a local charity. iGo Figure customers that have tried this reported to us that the response to this mailer was better than any other mailer they have ever tried (one club told us they got 70 new members from the mailer campaign).

No need to wait around fro the summer. You can try this any time! Let us know if you need any help exporting your terminated member data from your fitness club management software.

Good Luck!!


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