Schedule Management Software

If you are looking for world class gym scheduling software, then iGo 360’s gym scheduling software features are ideal.  Its included when you buy the iGo 360 system.  And because its cloud-based, iGo 360 allows you and your members to access the club’s calendar and book classes or training wherever they may be, 24 hours daily, 7 days of the week.

Member Portal

Your members can access your club’s schedule and can book appointments or classes wherever they have an internet connection.  Members can also purchase classes or personal training from their member portal.  “It’s awesome!” (frequent reaction of our customers).

Schedule Management

Employee schedules are managed with ease with the iGo 360 fitness club management software.  Gym schedules are set and availability automatically appears on the calendar.  Built in safety features prevent members or other employees from scheduling appointments when an employee is not scheduled to work.

Save Money

You can actually cut down on your labor costs and staff based by optimizing your staff during the busiest times and reducing staff when it’s slow.  Overtime costs are reduced when you optimize your staffing

Another benefit of being in the cloud:  you will be able to create and update your employee schedule wherever you may be.  Instead of taking hours of work, it will take you simply minutes.  If you have instructors who have a particular skills level and need to slot them during times when the volume is high, you can do so at a glance and then later monitor attendance to ensure that you are staffing appropriately.


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