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“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” -Mothers all over the world.

I love this quote and try hard to live by it every day, as do most people I know. That’s when I was pleasantly surprised to read the IHRSA value proposition blog about the iGo Figure Fitness Club Management Software. Its nice when people say nice things about you. I thought I’d include some of the excerpts here:

For a software company to survive long term – riding the crest of time – Go Figure has been required- yet pleased – to continue innovating. iGo Figure Team members continually strive strive to keep the company on the cutting edge of club management, secure payment processing and member-retention technology.

One great example is their recently released iGo 360 Fitness Club Management Software, a cloud-based version that allows facility owners to manage their clubs anywhere there is a good internet connection.

“When we were just getting going, the Internet was just getting started. The
 idea of cloud-based applications hadn’t occurred to anyone,” says Zagrodzky. 
“iGo Figure began as a client-based application (i.e., software that resides on a dedicated computer), which, at the time, utilized the best technology available. Payment processing was done using a dial-up modem—that was state-of-the-art.

To see the full article, click here.

Things have definitely changed in the fitness club management software business over the years. Creating a great value proposition for iGo Figure customers has always been goal #1, so fitness clubs can remain focused on their #1 goal: getting members into the club. Though as technology and reimbursement plans advance, maybe this will become the next great invention:

fitness value proposition

A new value proposition for members?

If you have any great ideas for the iGo 360 software to make its value proposition even better for you, please let us know!


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